My current favourite food in Mexico is Huaraches. Even for a bet I wouldn’t eat my shoes or sandals for that matter.

Huaraches (the shoes)

Mexican huaraches Talabartería_Tejido_en_PielMAP

Huaraches (singular huarache) are a type of Mexican sandal.

Making a huarache sandal at a workshop at the Museo de Arte Popular, Mexico City.

Huaraches are pre-Columbian in origin, and are made from woven leather. The leather is traditionally hand-woven.[1] The name “Huarache” is derived from theP’urhépecha language term kwarachi. Huarache directly translates into English as sandal.[2] 

(the above from Wikipedia article on Huaraches)


But Huaraches (the food) are a different story.

05012016_130539_Eventos Huaraches huaraches-terminados item6
A thick corn tortilla fried on the grill then covered with a spicy red salsa. sprinkled with shredded cheese, cilantro, and french fries. While your choice of fish, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork is cooked beside it. Once everything is ready add huge dollop of guacamole, the meat of your choice and voila a Huarache.

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