Living off the grid


Most of us only dream of a life with no hydro and gas bills and the security of knowing exactly where your food comes from

Bruce Holden and Lee Andra Jacobs at the Xmas fair
Bruce Holden and Lee Andra Jacobs at the Xmas fair

and whether or not it was exposed to pesticides and fertilizers or antibiotics and growth hormones. Nowadays we call it living “off the grid”. It’s the lifestyle of the early Canadian pioneers. The dream of being totally self-sufficient.

Bruce Holden and Lee Andra Jacobs are living that dream, but it’s not an easy utopian lifestyle. It requires a lot of planning and daily hard work. It’s also a very satisfying and healthy way to live. Bruce and Lee Andra have been building their dream for many years, a combination of supplying their own needs and selling the surplus, working at collecting gems and minerals (Bruce is a prospector), and making jewelry (both Lee Andra and Bruce).

We spent a couple of days on their acreage talking with them, while they worked and in the evenings, about their lifestyle and their plans.

This video is part of that conversation and is called “Living Off the Grid.”

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