John Tallerino: The Art of Ritual

It has always been a question in my mind as to what to call my particular work. I have asked this question of friends and clients and have been given a plethora of answers. They have been called “Centering Shrines,” “Sanctuaries,” “Meditation Shrines,” “Peace Shrines,” “Mini-grottos,” and “Sacred Shrines.” In truth all reflect what I am trying to convey in my work. What ever you call them, they are meant to move and transform you in some magical and spiritual way. I consider them to be interactive and it is this interaction that brings about the meditative mood. For most of us, “Ritual” has been virtually eliminated from our every day world. Nature has taken a back seat to technology and as a result we have lost the connection with the natural balance so necessary to our well being. John Tallerino working in the studio We all have shrines of a sort in our home, maybe a shell that you found on the beach that spoke to you, a picture of a loved one, a birds nest in a special place, something that lets your heart sing. The simple act of placing an object of spiritual signifigance to you, be it a deity, a shell, crystal or rock in the shrine makes you part of the magic. Lighting a candle, placing a flower, or ringing a bell further brings you into that realm of natural balance. Sitting for a time and listening to your heart while enjoying the calm of the shrine can bring about a transformation that will help you to see your world in a more peaceful balanced light. I invite you to find what magical connection you may, put it in your heart and take it away… Blessings and Peace (text by John Shrine by John TallerinoTallerino)

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