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Bentley LeBaron Painter

Bentley LeBaron Painter


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Voluptas opened summer 2011 at the Denman Island Summer Gallery.


I wanted to do that historical show. It started with the cave paintings, and followed the goddess imagery, for example, from the earliest goddesses to Marilyn Monroe, or whoever the latest one is. So I did a painting of images of the thinker, I still have it. There are some Paleolithic images that remind you of Rodin’s “The Thinker”. And I knew of some other images that had the same feel, of somebody really thinking really hard, with his chin in his hands. So I did a composite of that, with the biggest image being the Paleolithic one.







I moved to portraits of people, I wanted to capture images of people, and see how good I can be at realistic painting, I think that was next.







Read David Morrison’s article Bentley LeBaron and the Great Mother Dragon, published in The Beacon August 2011

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