A Day in the Life

Every Saturday morning of summer, from 9:30 to 1:00 pm, there is a farmer’s market on the grass field beside the Old School Centre on Denman Road.

It is here that Lee Andra and Bruce sell some of their produce, jewelry, rocks and homemade fritters, samosas and preserves. On Fridays they get up at dawn to prepare for the market. They water and pick produce and prepare the fritters and samosas. The pace of the day is steady and continuous, but there is lots of humour and good spirits. They work until everything is ready, which is usually late in the night. A video of the whole process in real time would be too long (18 hours) and tedious to watch, so I’ve condensed the day into this 5 minute video. It makes the day look a little bit silly, but shows everything they do during the day and into the evening, as well as a bit of the next day’s market. At the end of Saturday market they go home and relax, after a day and half of hard work and a bit more money in the bank.

Brought to you by: HarpFin Chronicles via Huzzaz