Francesca Barker Patterns Exhibit



Artist Statement for “Patterns”

Summer Art Gallery, Denman Island, 2011
Francesca Barker  a.k.a. Tachi

Francesca BArkerI have lived and made art on Denman Island for 35 years. I look at the Island as a microcosm of infinite pleasure and inspiration. I have used my camera for documenting textures, light, form and memories to aid my painting. These are some of the images that reverberate the beauty of the dynamic world we all share.

This show embodies the outlines of my surroundings from early youth to now. I like exploring social issues and using art as a form of visual expression. My landscape work speaks about the appreciation I carry for the natural world. My drawings and print work echo my early memories of playing with my Barbie’s, and exploring what it means to be a woman in this society and culture. The woman’s work pieces were made as a series for the purpose of challenging my discipline, working through ideas, experimenting with techniques and exploring the process in which I make art.

The techniques I use are mainly mixed media because they give me the most freedom of expression and reinforce the concepts that I want to illustrate. I am drawn to the use of collage, which is found throughout the show because of the diversity and unlimited materials available to us on any given day. I collect much of my collage goods and found objects in second hand stores, the free store, and randomly on seashores, sidewalks and roadsides.   – Francesca Barker  

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I would like to thank:    My Teachers      My Critics      My Friends      My Curator, Barbara Mullin
Arts Denman    The Sponsors     The Donators   and   All of Denman’s Volunteers
My Family: Ana Miriam, Juan, Theo, Bart, Alex, Josh, Leslie and the vast extended family this Island has given me. You all inspire me!

 Francesca Barker